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Battleship Beer Pong

How to Play Battleship Beer Pong

Have you ever played the board game Battleship when you were a kid? The boardgame will bring back childhood memories of many people. Battleship Beer Pong is a combination of this boardgame with beer....

Outdoor Drinking Games

5 Best Outdoor Drinking Games

There are so many games that we could play outside. However, If there are just adults present, then things can go crazy very quickly. If you want some adult things to do outside, then...

good morning thursday quote

Good Morning Thursday Quotes

Good Morning, It’s Thursday! When you wake up on Thursday morning, you should have little bit of energy because you only have two full days of the week left. After your hard week, you...

positive good morning

11 Positive Good Morning Quotes with Images

In today’s society, everyone knows that we live in a difficult world. Sometimes, we need positive good morning quotes to lift our spirits up. These quotes will hopefully help you to start your morning...

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